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Andrew Bosch - BSc (Biological Science), Human Movement Science (Honours), Masters, PhD (Exercise Physiology)

bosch3About Andrew Bosch

Andrew first developed an interest in running, and the longer distances in particular, when he was in junior school. He had seen the finish of a marathon race when 10 years old and even at that age the event fascinated him. He started running regularly a few years later because he had discovered it was something he was reasonably good at compared to other sports on offer at the school he attended as a senior, and by this stage he was set on wanting to do well in running. For the rest of his school career he did track and cross country, and later moved onto the road.

Summary of Andrew Bosch’s Running Performances

Personal Bests

10k – 31min08sec | 21.1k – 1hr 08min | 42.2k – 2hr 22min | Comrades: 5hr 59min

Athletes Andrew Bosch has coached / assisted / trained

Tanith Maxwell
World Marathon Championships 2011, 2013, 2015, Olympics Marathon 2012; Marathon 2hr 32min, Half marathon 1hr 13min, 3rd Two Oceans 56km 2015, 2nd Two Oceans 2016.

Riana Van Niekerk
First South African Female Athlete in Two Oceans and Comrades Marathon, 2008.

Melanie van Rooyen
Top 10 Comrades Marathon

Gert Thys
Physiological support;  subsequently ran the 4th fastest time ever in the world at that time in the marathon.

Ian Syster
Physiological support; SA marathon champion and top10 in the world at the time.

Josiah Thugwane
Physiological support and training guidance to his coach; 1996 Olympic Marathon champion.

Donovan Wright
First SA athlete Comrades Marathon, 2000.

Lee-ann Juul
10th Two Oceans Marathon 2008.

Michelle Stewart
SA 100km and 100 mile champion; SA 100 mile record holder and 12th on world all-time performance list at the time.

Kathleen Shuttleworth
Fastest SA marathon runner & SA Champion 2003.

Summary of Sport Administration


BSc (Biological Science), Human Movement Science (Honours), Masters, PhD (Exercise Physiology)

Positions held

Andrew is a Professor in the Division of Exercise Science & Sports Medicine in the Department of Human Biology of the University of Cape Town. This position entails lecturing, supervision of Masters and Doctoral degree research projects and conducting research. Andrew’s primary research interests include protein and carbohydrate supplementation as an aid to improved performance and recovery, as well as improved training methodologies. He has published extensively in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has presented scientific papers at international congresses. He is also involved in the International Olympic Committee’s online education platform for elite Athletes.

Andrew is Head of the Running Division of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa:

– Advice on running related physiological problems

– Science-based advice on pre-race eating and race nutrition and drinking regimens

– Physiologically-based, individualised training programmes

– Physiological testing and interpretation of runners, such as measurement of maximal oxygen uptake, running economy & lactate turn-point

Other Positions:

Andrew serves on the International Association of Ultra-Runners Scientific Commission, is Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Endurance Athlete interest group and serves on the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Scientific Review Committee.

Sub2hrs Marathon

This is an international consortium of scientists in which the aim is to fast-track the world marathon record to break the 2hr barrier. The aim is to apply the best knowledge of running science and medicine to the best athletes in the world in a co-ordinated way. There are a number “work packages” related to the project. Andrew is head of the “Nutrition and performance” work package as well as the overall project Head. More information at

Summary of Innovation

Developed “PeptoSport”, a protein & carbohydrate supplement aimed at improving recovery, as a result of research done at UCT.


Andrew has lectured on WP Athletics coaching courses and does training programmes via email for a number of athletes, ranging from beginners to elite. Athletes can make appointments through the High Performance Centre of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa for a consultation for such a customised training programme, for physiological advice pertaining to running problems, or for physiological testing to solve running-related problems.

Contact Details

Professor Andrew N Bosch, PhD

Division of Exercise Science & Sports Medicine
Department of Human Biology, UCT
Sports Science Institute of South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: +27-21-6504578


Sports science Institute of South Africa

Newlands, Cape Town
Web page:
High Performance Division:
Ph: 021 6595659, email:

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