Boxer Atheltics Club | About
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With each stride taken, the runner pushes the boundaries of human tolerance. Body tensed as determined feet strike the ground. Filled with adrenalin and hope with the only one thing on the mind, the finish line!

For many, athletics is not just a way to pass time, but a lifestyle choice. Noticing the immense raw talent within the disadvantaged areas surrounding Boxer stores, it was an easy decision for Boxer to want to nurture the potential of determined and dedicated athletes. From this decision, the idea of an Athletics Club was born.

The Boxer Athletics Club was established in 2005 and has grown over the years from strength to strength. Providing support to professional and amateur athletes alike, the Boxer Athletics Club is a Club that is admired by many in the industry. With a striking kit in the Boxer red, yellow, white and black – the Club athletes proudly fly the Boxer flag high. The strength of the Boxer Athletics Club lies in the abilities of its athletes and that belief was reaffirmed when a well-recognized Boxer Athletics Club runner was selected to represent South Africa in the 2012 London Olympics, namely, Tanith Maxwell. That soon followed with Elroy Gelant, Lebo Phalula & Stephen Mokoka representing South Africa at the RIO Olympics in 2016.

Boxer Athletics Club has grown from strength to strength over its 13 years of existence and is now registered in KZNA, CGA, AGN, ACNW, WPA and Border.

There are many other Club athletes as well, who have made and continue to make great strides in the world of sports and Boxer is proud to have them wear our branding. Boxer is also dedicated to uplifting the development of community sporting clubs. Boxer uses various initiatives to enhance the presence of sports in disadvantaged communities and to lay a foundation for future athletes to be realised.

Club Chairman: Andrew Mills

“A sense of pride” are the words that best describe the way I think of our Boxer Athletics Club. As a retail based business Boxer has served South Africa and Swaziland for close to four decades now; and what this shows is our commitment to serving those who support us as they shop in our stores. Boxer is really for everyone! Our doors are, and have always been, open to anybody and it is upon this same foundation that Boxer has handcrafted our Athletics Club over the years. Our company is best defined by its staff, our people; and the same describes our Athletics Club – our runners define what our Club truly is! Hence, the sense of pride that I have in every athlete who dons the Boxer Club colours.


We are so appreciative of the committed athletes who wear the Boxer kit whether they are part of our high performing elite running squad through to our social runners. The Boxer Athletics Club has remained true to its principles in terms of our professional, transparent and streamlined manner in which it we run the day-to-day affairs of our Club. This is a Club which puts our athletes’ hopes, dreams & aspirations first; and it is this type of conduct which results in our athletes being the best brand ambassadors they can be.


The Boxer Athletics Club management & support structures that we have in place perfectly compliment our team of athletes who all proudly wear the Boxer colours…every running step of the way.

Club Manager: Rhyn Swanepoel

“One of my long term passions was to manage a professional sports team. This became a reality in 2008 when I was appointed Club Manager of the Boxer Athletics Club.” Rhyn Swanepoel is the Club Manager of the Boxer Athletics Club-Elite and strives to promote and encourage the Boxer Athletics Club top athletes with advice on managing their running; with a more holistic approach that creates an aura of the stability within the Club.

The Club started being mainly as a local KwaZulu-Natal Club (mostly Durban based athletes) and dominated the local KwaZulu-Natal running scene. The Club supported these athletes to participate in various races, offering retainers and incentives based on individual performances. It was through the performances of these athletes in events like the 2 Oceans Half Marathon (21.1km) and Spar Ladies races that in fact created an unbelievable interest from other elite athletes across South Africa to run for the Boxer Athletics Club. Today the Boxer Athletic Club-Elite squad has contracted some of South Africa most outstanding athletes, both male and female, individuals who epitomize the art of athletics and who are ambassadors of what the Boxer brand stands for.

Boxer Athletics Club strives to not only be the best team that we can be but also in the manner in which its athletes conduct themselves when off the road, track and X-Country. We operate the running of this Club in a fair & ethical manner supporting our athletes’ dreams, from winning races in South Africa as well as abroad; as well as to represent the provinces and South Africa at both the World Championships and Olympic Games.